Website Analytics

Website Analytics with Google Analytics

Pulse Media Solutions offers website analytics for all our clientele. Website analytics allows our clients to see where potential customers are coming from, how they got to the website, what pages they visit on the website and more.

With Google Analytics you are able to pinpoint your potential customers and market your website better. Google analytics are another key into achieving a higher ROI from your website and allows you to build reports based on several factors.


With web site analytics, site owners and online marketers can track and analyze site visitor behavior on web pages, traffic patterns, click and conversion tracking of marketing campaigns, conversion dynamics and more. The resulting data stream provides businesses with the necessary information to make educated business decisions and maximize campaign ROI.

Right out of the gate you can use Google Analytics to report on the following:

  • How many visitors your site has
  • Who has visited your site recently, and how many are unique vs repeat visitors
  • How visitors get to your site (e.g. referral, ads, direct, links or email)
  • What other sites are referring visitors to yours
  • Where your visitors are coming from (e.g. the U.S. or other countries)
  • Which pages on your site have been visited the most
  • What is the "bounce rate" (the number of visitors who leave without examining other pages)
  • The average time spent viewing your site
  • What browsers visitors are using