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57% of traffic is from tablets and smartphones

Our inditial response to this title is - Duh! It’s been over two years since Google announced that mobile searches had exceeded desktop queries. At a recent press event, a Google speaker casually said that the “vast majority” of search queries are now mobile. However, this is not official and wasn’t affirmed by spokespeople. In…
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Is Google still king?

This is a question that is best answered by "proof in the pudding". Search Engine Watch published an article in 2016 estimated that Google search engine is used 1.6 BILLION times a month. Coming in a not even close second is Bing with an estimated 400 million uses per month. Amazing to us was that…
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What is Organic SEO?

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization - Organic and Paid. Organic means that it's more natural, thus the name Organic, while Paid means that you ... well ... DIRECTLY pay for it. Organic SEO services are still usually paid for, however your paying for the optimization of your content and not for the…
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