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Get Your New Website on Google

Is it possible to have a new website ranking on Google on the first page within a few weeks of launch? Search Engine Optimization is much different than it used to be. Companies still claiming that they can get you a "first place" ranking should raise red flags. There is no guarantee to any search…
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SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs is a topic for substantial discussion. Should you include the keyword? Should you include the category? Should you include the service or product name? How short does it need to be? In this post, I’ll discuss some of the basic guidelines for a strong SEO friendly URL. Basic Ground Rules URLs should…
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Is your support content SEO friendly?

Google recently did an algorithm update, again. An increased focus on search engine friendly content is no new thing for any businesses remaining competitive in their market. Even with that being said, it’s common practice to forget about the basics with secondary or support content such as frequently asked questions, forums and more. If you…
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