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Organic SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Pulse Media Solutions is proud to offer Search Engine Optimization to all of our clients. Organic SEO is defined as the optimization of a website to further enhance the user experience and be better indexed in the search engines, without directly paying for advertisement. Organic Search Engine Optimization does not include the use of pay-per-click.

We specialize in search engine optimization for Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines. Google search engine optimization is the most demanded in the industry and has been proven to have the best ROI. Higher rankings than competitors in the organic search results can increase the company’s potential more than any other marketing service. Most search engines utilize the same elements as part of industry standards, but each algorithm is slightly different.


The experienced technical and design professionals at Pulse Media Solutions offer an extensive knowledge base, providing a unique perspective on search engine optimization.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Search Engine Optimization At A GlancePulse Media Solutions strives to be the best in the industry WITHOUT taking shortcuts and making decisions that aren’t best for your or your website. Pulse Media Solutions only participates in white hat SEO. We do not participate in link spamming, link farms, hiding text, tricking search engines, fooling users, etc.

White Hat SEO eliminates the risk of a website being penalized or removed from the search engines. Once you’re removed for violating search engine guidelines, it can be very difficult and time consuming to be reinstated. Pulse Media Solutions focuses on long term search optimization instead of short burst returns.

Our clients appreciate the systematic, analytical and ethical approach to organic search engine optimization Pulse Media Solutions offers. Our organic SEO programs are time tested and proven to deliver increases in website traffic.

All Search Engine Optimization from Pulse Media Solutions is 100% ethical and legal.

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic Search Engine Optimization is using tactics that enhance the website and not having to directly pay for advertisement. Organic search engine optimization is using tactics such as: optimizing meta tags, targeted text, enriched cross linking, unique content, proper site hierarchy, optimized page naming, link building and more.

Page Content

The largest factor in ranking for search engine optimization is the page content. To be competitive in the search engines you must have relevant content. The search engine crawlers have evolved into very smart robotic algorithms that look at many different variables to help determine the relevance for a specific search.

Page content includes the text, links, images and other elements that are included on a page. The information needs to remain readable and be understood by visitors, otherwise your ROI will be decreased due to lack of conversion. Additionally, confusing or repetitive page content will turn potential customers/clients away.

Keyword Target Identification

A complete and detailed keyword ranking strategy is crucial for a successful SEO campaign. To address this we research keywords across multiple search engines in order to know the most searched keywords in multiple combinations.

Broken links, server downtime and delays

Search engine crawlers dislike broken links on websites and server delays or outages. A search engine wants to flawlessly crawl your website with no errors or delays. These might seem small in nature, but it can be detrimental to search optimization efforts.

Title, Description and Keywords META Tags

Having optimized meta tags in place that are unique for each page is another key factor to successful search engine optimization. The META tags that are most important are: Title, Description and Keywords.

  • The META Title tag tells not only the internet spiders/crawlers what the name of the page is, but also what users need to know about the page they are visiting. A proper title tag can be found on all of our pages, for example this page: .
  • The META Description tag provides the search engine crawlers with a brief description of what the page is about. These are typically shown on search engine result pages and helps the crawler determine the relevance for the keyword that was originally searched for.
  • The META Keywords tag does still provide information to the search engine crawlers. This tag has lost some of it’s ranking factor due to the abuse from the industry. There isn't any reason to not populate this tag, it does provide some relevance to the search engine spiders.

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