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Complete Google Ranking Guide Compilation

Complete Google Ranking Guide - All Parts We talked about a lot of SEO topics for better Google rankings in the last 8 days. Maybe you missed one or you want to review an article and get better. Whatever the reason - we compiled the complete list below for your reading pleasure: Part 1: Page…
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Is your e-commerce SEO working?

E-commerce websites have different search engine optimization problems than a generic business website. You have products, product categories, reviews, shopping carts, payment gateways and more. Is your e-commerce SEO working? This article will help answer that question... 1. Product Descriptions Since e-commerce sites usually have a large number of products, it’s common for product descriptions…
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Do you need SEO help?

This article covers some important points of SEO you may find interesting. By the end of this article you'll know the answer... SEO seems simple enough. Plug in the keyword here, add a link there, publish some blog posts - and magically, you’re sitting pretty on Google’s first page. ... Not quite. Good search engine optimization…
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How to write SEO friendly blogs

Writing for SEO purposes is difficult and time consuming if you don't understand the process. However, it’s time well spent, as SEO helps you rank better in the search engines ...that's why it's called Search Engine Optimization. How do you write an SEO-friendly blog post, you might ask? By the end of this article, you’ll know…
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Is HTTPS Worth It?

After Google made the announcement that HTTPS is a ranking signal, there has been a lot of discussion about the actual value. There are very real benefits to obtaining that sought-after green padlock, but there is also apprehension. The apprehension is understandable; as with any big change to a website, mistakes have the potential to…
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