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Coming soon from Google is Accelerated Mobile Pages. Last year Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open source project, for faster loading web pages on mobile devices. Improving mobile search results has been a priority of Google for quite some time, so this isn't surprising.

This project utilizes a new open framework called AMP HTML, which basically allows for building light-weight page. Many key players from the Internet world are on board with AMP including Twitter,, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

For years now, Google has been factoring site speed into their ranking algorithm. With that understanding, AMP will help in that regard and Google discussed some other features recently that Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land reported:

From the event, two important tidbits: AMP pages may get a ranking boost and perhaps a “fast” label designation, similar to how Google shows labels for mobile-friendly pages. Both points are speculative however.

Google discussed mobile page speed as an existing ranking factor (there’s debate about how much of a factor). Since AMP improves load time and page speed, publishers that have AMP pages will likely be prioritized in search results. Google didn’t confirm this explicitly but reiterated the importance of page speed. AMP is likely to be the most accessible way to improve page load times.

Meggin Kearney from the AMP Projects they’ve put together some new documentation to make it easier to write AMP pages more quickly.

"With our doc expansion, we wanted to build a guide so that anyone who has produced web content before can get up and running with AMP in under an hour." "Ease-of-use is one of my favorite things about AMP HTML. It’s straight-forward to style your pages, control layout, validate your AMP content, and make your pages discoverable.”


Last year Google search was all about mobile-friendliness and this year speculation leads to be all about AMP. Some say that AMP is really just a continuation of mobile-friendliness, however we believe AMP has a long way to go to make a major impact across the web. The concept is great and the direction is necessary, time will prove the usefulness.

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