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So now that the new year is upon is, everyone is wanting to know what game changers are in the pipes from Google. Reputable sources indicate multiple major changes coming to Google search engine optimization in 2016.

Mobile Friendliness

Google made it apparent in 2015 that having a mobile friendly or responsive website was going to be necessary moving forward. The mobile friendly world has developed and progressed immensely over the past years and websites that don't have a mobile friendly website deserve to be penalized.

JavaScript Handling

Google is trying to better their processing and handling of JavaScript to better know how it should affect rankings. This might take some time as the functionality of JavaScript is nearly limitless, but it's a start in the right direction for Google.

Penguin 2016

This is potentially the largest update that will happen from Google in 2016. The newest creation from the Google world is that updates will be in real-time. Updates will happen continuously and will allow webmasters to see the impacts of changes quickly. There doesn't happen to be a lot of information on the particulars, however there is a video available on YouTube from John Mueller.

Google invests substantial amount of time, money and research in their search engine platform and that's why Google is the most used search engine. This means that companies who want to stay up to date and abreast on search engine optimization must be constantly reading, reviewing and studying articles released. We spend a minimum of two hours every day reading up on changes and watching credible videos. We want all of our clients to have the maximum return on investment for their search engine optimization efforts.

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