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Search engine optimization is considered the optimization of your website or a webpage to be more competitive within the search engines. Social media optimization is the optimization of your social media platforms to be better ranked within the search engines. SEO and SMO need to work in conjunction because they can link visitors to the different platforms of information.

The most important thing that SMO can help with is protecting your reputation. In this day and age, anyone can make anything look real on the internet. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook, for example, and someone else false creates a presence as a representation for your business … imagine the damage they could do. Social media optimization will also help you rank for keywords in conjunction with your website.

Generalized Social Media Optimization

Your website alone can’t monopolize the first page of search results, which leaves you open to negative content from other sites ranking on your brand name. The best protection for that is to establish profiles on social media sites so they will also rank in the first page for your brand name, thus pushing competition to other pages that are less likely to be seen.

All sites are a little different, but the concepts are the same across the different platforms. For example, on Facebook, use your business name as the page name and have as much information allowed on your page describing it. Link your Facebook page back to your website and vice-versa.

For other social media sites and business listing sites, create, optimize and link your profile similarly.

Pinterest Optimization

Pinterest optimization is one platform that is not utilized properly by many optimizers and companies. Optimizing Pinterest and using the different boards to target keywords will help you rank quickly in search engines for the selected keywords.

Follow this guidelines for optimizing your Pinterest boards:

  1. Create a board for a topic/product/service that you want to rank for with a few targeted keywords.
  2. Use targeted keywords in the board name.
  3. Create a description for the board, including targeted keywords.
  4. Edit pin descriptions to include keywords.
  5. Link to your Pinterest boards from related pages on your site using target keywords in the anchor text.

YouTube Optimization

YouTube channels are a great resource for increasing awareness of your business in the search engine. Optimizing your videos to show in search engines and also within YouTube will greatly increase your search presence.

  1. Write a description that includes a complete transcript of the video.
  2. Ensure the title is optimized for your target keywords.
  3. Group your videos into related playlists whose names are optimized for your target keywords.
  4. Link to your YouTube videos from related pages on your site using target keywords in the anchor text. You can also embed your videos on the page for increased exposure of your relevant videos.

YouTube is an amazing resource with great power. If you think about it, who owns YouTube? Google … so of course there is power in optimizing your social media presence within YouTube.

Yelp Optimization

Yelp is a great platform that can either have a positive or negative affect on your business, brand name, products and services. Yelp carries a lot of weight and you have be proactive and make that a weight a positive impact for you. Yelp can easily deter customers through negative reviews or it can help drive in customers with positive reviews. Have you looked at your Yelp presence?

Claim your Yelp profile and other websites that incorporate reviews. You want to bring customers to your profiles and encourage them to leave reviews. Make sure you don’t violate any of the sites’ terms and conditions. See our recent article about Yelp stripping ratings and reviews for violating their review policies.

Link to your Yelp profile and other sites with reviews to get their support of your brand.

Facebook Optimization

We all know, or should know, that there is a very high percentage that your customer base is already on Facebook. So if you aren’t also on Facebook … then you’re crazy. Even if you don’t know how to use Facebook or what it can do for your business, you still need to have a presence. If it means you have to hire someone or find a friend that can help you, you need to make it happen. Facebook is a gold mine, literally GOLD MINE, for potential revenue and new customers.

  1. Name your Facebook page after your business
  2. Fill out as much information as you can in the description, products/services and more. Use your target keywords where appropriate
  3. Upload photos pertaining to your business and share success stories.
  4. Enable messaging so that customers can interact with you on Facebook. (Make sure you interact back, this can’t be 1 way and be successful.)

As part of your search engine optimization strategies you need to be sure you incorporate social media optimization. Both of these are services that Pulse Media Solutions can assist you with. Social media optimization provides an easy platform to build and influence your online reputation in a positive manner. Find out how additional content can be created and link new content with your social media profiles.

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