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Google’s New Local Listing Pack In The Number One Spot

With the new 3-pack local results you’re more likely to see them in the number one position.

In early August you may have noticed a change with the Google local results box. That change dwindled down the number of results to 3 from 7 in search results. This change was a major game changer because it meant 4 fewer business would be displayed.

Reports from seoClarity show and even heavier game changer in that the local pack majority of the time shows in the #1 position. Previously the local pack would show up around 25% of the time, but now a 93%  is a major change.

The below rank graph from seoClarify shows proof of the change:seoclarity-rank-local-pack

The #1 spot now will show a local pack 93 percent of the. And 99 percent of the time, you’d see it in the top two positions, a dramatic improvement.

This means that if you’re not in a Google business page and local listing that you’re losing out on opportunities for traffic.

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