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Is your support content SEO friendly?

Search Engine Optimization FriendlyGoogle recently did an algorithm update, again. An increased focus on search engine friendly content is no new thing for any businesses remaining competitive in their market. Even with that being said, it’s common practice to forget about the basics with secondary or support content such as frequently asked questions, forums and more.

If you have existing secondary content and supporting materials, this article can help you get more SEO value out of that content.


  1. Identify your best performing pages
    • Look at your most heavily trafficked pages and that are currently ranking. You can uncover the best opportunities within these pages as they are already the most visited. You can use Google Analytics to help with this task. SEMrush is also a great tool to utilize for this task.
    • Determine what content is most frequently linked to. These pages might not drive traffic to your website, but they are featured or advertised somewhere. Making slight tweaks could lead to further increases in traffic.
  2. Update Tile and Descriptions For Top Pages - The most important thing to remember about updating support content is that it’s to serve as support content. These are not areas that will typically drive traffic directly to your site via organic search.
    • Title tags may have normally not triggered your SEO mind and may have natural room for improvement.
    • Descriptions also often are not paid attention to so they have room for growth. It is typically beneficial to create a specifically targeted description for the content to help in the search engine display.
  3. Linking - It may seem very simple, but again these are tactics that are commonly overlooked. Any changes made in regard to navigation should be made in the interest of
    • Linking to the support content on your site in the footer or top navigation typically makes the most sense. (This is assuming you utilize these navigation locations.)
    • Link to specific topics within related content on your website is also useful from both a search engine optimization and user stance.
    • If your website allows you to utilize widgets, invest in a “related questions” widget which can suggest other questions that visitors might have and it will also help with more related SEO topics for your pages.
  4. Implement a Popular Questions or Popular Discussions widget
    • On your supporting content main page utilize popular questions categories. Create different areas for different topics and then within those specific topics highly the most commonly asked questions.
    • Your definition of popular could include:
      1. Most commented
      2. Most viewed
      3. Most visited pages (based on analytical data)
      4. Hand-picked featured topics you want to push or that are important to your business
  5.  Categories
    • Any content on your website should be categorized for ease of browsing.
    • Using categories helps organize your content and can be a great asset for keeping pages closers to the main page in your support section. It’s also much easier for users to find content when they don’t have direct links.
  6. Create New ContentIn addition to optimizing existing support content you can also consider creating new content. This would require research that supports the new content, do not create similar and seemingly duplicate content.
    • Utilize SEMrush against your competitor’s content to see what terms they’re ranking on.
    • A more time intensive project is to research your competitor’s content to see what they are ranking on, what content they are highlighting and marking as featured or popular. Their customers may be interested in the same from you, so capitalize on those terms if you’re not already.

By reviewing your support content and secondary community content with a search engine optimization mindset, you may uncover some opportunities you didn’t see before. Existing customers commonly find support content and community areas useful.

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