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In case you haven’t noticed Google is not just a noun anymore…it’s most certainly a verb. For example, “Have you search on Google yet” and “Google It”. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

So what’s my point? My point is that if you can’t find your business on Google or if you aren’t even on the world wide web (GASP!) then you are missing out majorly. I won’t even talk about the second situation because that’s a long discussion, but I will clarify about being found on Google.

Open a new browser window or tab and head over to Google. Now search for a few things including your business name, website and keywords that are specific to your business. If you can’t find your website on the first or second page then you are missing out on business and exposure. Don’t get all high strung because you can’t find your website when you search for “air compressor”, because unless you’re paying big bucks for very strategic and aggressive search engine optimization you won’t be found. Be realistic and reasonable, real it back in a little bit. I like to use the analogy of you can’t walk into your new job and become the owner the next day. You have to start as cashier, then move up to assistant manager, then manager, department manager etc etc. You get the idea.

Go spend a couple hours, do some research on your website and where you sit with your search engine optimization and then evaluate what you’re doing and make it better. Search engine optimization is not something you can do once and hope it works. It requires a lot of attention and trial by error.

Happy optimizing!

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