SEOProfiler Ranking Monitor

How does the ranking monitor help you?

  • Keep track of your ranking changes.
  • Get notified when a ranking suddenly drops.
  • Monitor your competitors.
  • Detailed information for each keyword
    You can see the ranking of your web pages for any keyword with the Ranking Monitor. You will get detailed information about the position of your pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing, ranking charts, trends and changes and more.
  • Find the top performers of your website
    The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler automatically checks the position of all web pages of your website. You only have to enter your domain name. You will get the pages of your website that have the most rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the checked keywords. Of course, you also get comprehensive page details.
  • Quickly identify problems:
    The ‘Alerts’ panel in the Ranking Monitor shows keywords and web pages whose rankings dropped dramatically. This enables you to identify potential problems as quickly as possible.
  • Keep track of the competition:
    The Ranking Monitor does more than giving you valuable information about the position of your website. It also checks the rankings of your competitors for your keywords. You will quickly see which of your competitors have better rankings than your site.

This software is web based so you can log in and see how things are going from anywhere. This can also help you keep your SEO company honest if you out source for search engine optimization. This all comes at a cost after your trial, but it’s free to try out and see if you want.

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