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8 Cool and Useful WordPress Uses

1. Forums

Forums are very useful options when building a community of conversations with real people. WordPress came up with bbPress to help you control and grow your forums all within WordPress. It’s very easy to set-up and simple to use.

Additional options for forums are:

CM Answers: Free and pro versions. Features include: social login, upload attachments, shortcodes, and integration with BuddyPress and WordPress comment.

Forum Engine: This theme is modern and responsive, which can be used as a stand-alone forum or sub-domain. You can follow posts or topics, weekly updates and login with social accounts.

2. Security

All websites should have some security features to prevent any issues and deter hackers. Thousands of website get hacked everyday, sometimes they just put up a cute “HAHA, you’ve been hacked” while others will totally destroy your hard work and cause you to rebuild.

Make sure that your site doesn’t join that list?

One option is to ensure your site is properly coded and a scan is done on a regular basis and you can use a security plugin like  iThemes Security, formerly WP Security.

Protection features include:

  • User action login
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Import/export settings
  • Ban troublesome users and bots
  • Site monitoring
  • Database backup

3. Shortcodes

I know you’ve heard of shortcodes before, but what are they really and what do they do?

Shortcodes are shorter bits of code that used to be long and repetitive codes that were inserted on your website. There are several shortcodes available ont he web such as social media buttons, ads, youtube video and more. The best thing about shortcodes is they can be inserted easily and you can’t mess up the format because it’s the same every time.

There are several options for shortcode plugins out there, such as WordPress Shortcodes.

4. E-commerce

WordPress has the capability to become an e-commerce site also. One of the most popular e-commerce plugin is WooCommerce.  This plugin allows you to keep track of sales, stock and reviews. It can utilize several payment gateways including PayPal, BACS or COD and it handles all shipping needs.

Did you know that you can convert your WordPress site into an actual e-commerce site?

5. Direct Response Marketing & Premium Content

Have you wanted to run a membership site? It’s easier than you thing using one of many options: PrivateContentUserPro or Magic Members. They all have their own unique features depending on what you want to accomplish.

You can utilize Gravity Forms allowing people to subscribe through a contact form. It integrates easily with PayPal and other software on the web. Gravity Forms is on the of the most popular forms plugins available on the market.

6. Project Management

WordPress can also be used as a project management or editorial tool. One of the better plugins for this is SP Project & Document Manager. You can upload, organize, share and track files with colleagues.

Another plugin is called TaskFreak!, allowing you to create, assign and track tasks.

Easy Project is another plugin useful for project management.

7. Image Galleries

So you need a plugin that makes it easy to manage your photos? NextGEN Gallery Plugin allows you to upload images, control the size and lightbox effects. The plugin also features two display styles – gallery and slideshow.

Photo Gallery is another plugin giving you the power to create image galleries. This plugin has the ability to create thumbnails, sideshow, compact album, extended album and blog style galleries/albums.

8. Job Board

Job boards are starting to become popular tools for people to visit when searching for…well…a job.

WordPress is a great back-frame for a job board. One of the best plugins for a job board is WPJobBoard.

WPJobBoard has a loooong list of features including: an advanced search-engine that can narrow a job search by location, type, category or posting date. There’s also customized applications, employer profiles, and job alerts. One-click installation and integration with PayPal make WPJobBoard the best option.

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