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Customer ReviewsAll business and website owners want to rank as close to #1 as possible in the search engine results page (SERP). To do that ... SEO is what you need to do.

Search Engine Optimization is a never ending and all inclusive task that is very time consuming when done right. There is no quick and easy way to SEO, it takes time, persistence and patience. High quality content, backlinks, mobile friendly, internal linking, site speed are just a few of the ranking signals.

Customer reviews are a hot key to achieve top rankings. Reviews not only help SEO, but they also help with conversion through user confidence.

User reviews included on your website generate unique user-generated content. Webcrawlers see this as a signal for an active website and increase the freshness and rankings of your website.

Organic Stars

Reviews aren't enough - you should also include star ratings. This will also help with click through rate and conversions because users like to see at a glance what the ratings are.

Having stars and reviews will only be useful so long as you're using the right schema markup.

Fake Reviews

Reviews add credibility, but what do you do if they’re fake? It’s common to see fake review-writing services advertised. Most consumers knows this and look at the average rating instead of focusing on one bad review.

According to GetApp, people are more likely to be influence by ratings between 4.2 and 4.5 out of 5.

Invitation-only reviews negate the threat of fake reviews by only soliciting from verified customers. When people know that your reviews are all from genuine and verified customers, the confidence and sales will increase.

Reviews & Revenue


Nearly all online shoppers factor reviews into their buying process. According to Fan and Fuel in December 2016, over 90% of consumers hesitate with products that lack reviews. BrightLocal also determined that over 85% of consumers trust online reviews equally with recommendation from known people.

Both types of reviews help - positive and negative. Positive reviews speak for themselves. Negative reviews show that you aren't trying to hide anything, which can build trust. Negative reviews also provide the opportunity to demonstrate your amazing customer service skills!


Consumers have endless choices for their services and products. Collected, genuine and properly formatted reviews is key for successful SEO.

Reviews can be influential in building trust with users which will ultimately lead to the decision to purchase of go to your competition. User reviews are powerful and can be harnessed by any good business for position SEO.

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