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How long keywords help your rankings

How to use long-tail keywords to rank better with short rankings

Long tail keyword phrases benefits

Long tail keywords help build authority with your website and can help your rankings overall - including with short-tail keywords.

When it comes to search terms, there isn’t a whole lot that are new. Google says only 15 percent of all queries they get have never been used before.

Optimize for topics, intents and desires

Search relevant topics, and you’ll uncover many other keywords. Those other keywords and keyword phrases represent different things searchers want to know about that related topic.

Don’t throw out the short tail

Many companies and professional say to ignore the short tail. It’s competitive, too difficult, too costly and so on. Those are all valid points, but the key is to use the long tail keywords to build up relevance for the short keywords.

Find all the keywords in a given topic that have similar meanings, group them together, and find or create a page to optimize. - Stoney deGeyter

Another example: Say you have a few product keywords with qualifiers: discount, clearance, sale, closeouts, surplus, cheap. Create one page for all of these qualifiers and link it back to your main product page too.

This can get dangerous. If you create too many pages similar in content - you'll get marked for duplicate or spammy content and be ranked down.

Patience is key with SEO

It’s important that in any SEO, you exercise patience and have realistic expectations. Optimizing ten dozen long-tail phrases won’t automatically get you rankings on the short-tail keywords. You still have to build authority.

Optimizing for long-tail pages is great for authority-building. Get long-tail keyword pages to rank, and with each page addition, you’ll be building on top of the existing authority.

While you’re optimizing for long-tail keywords, you’ll see your website traffic increase. Even less frequently searched long-tail phrases can add substantial traffic. They usually drive less traffic per phrase, but they’ll drive just as much traffic cumulatively.

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