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Complete Google Ranking Guide - All Parts

We talked about a lot of SEO topics for better Google rankings in the last 8 days.

Maybe you missed one or you want to review an article and get better. Whatever the reason - we compiled the complete list below for your reading pleasure:

  1. Part 1: Page Signals - Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags, META Description tags, image alt tags and more.
  2. Part 2: Keywords - Keyword density, keyword placement, primary keywords, long tail keywords and more.
  3. Part 3: High Quality Content - Writing content for humans instead of robots.
  4. Part 4: Duplicate Content - Finding and minimizing duplicate content.
  5. Part 5: Site Level Signals - HTTPS, site speed and mobile platform or responsive website design.
  6. Part 6: Internal Linking - Linking to other pages and articles within your own website.
  7. Part 7: Outbound Linking - Linking outwards form your website to credible sources is a good thing.
  8. Part 8: Backlinks - Creating good backlinks to your website.

All of these particular items will help your search engine rankings. Some of them might not seem like it's much, but even little steps can go a long way.

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