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Stock photos can be high-quality, yes. They also look staged and not unique to your business or your website. Studies have shown that they are often ignored by people. Only real and relevant images engage visitors.

The Test

The first version shows the image of Harrington Movers’ crew. The second version displays the image of the truck they use for moving services. To emphasize branding, both these images also included the company’s logo.

Their hypothesis was that replacing these stock photos with an image that closely relates to the moving service will increase ‘Request a quote’ leads from the website.

Here are the two versions:

Harrington Movers Test Variations


Both the versions beat the Control with 98% statistical confidence level. You can see the comparison image below:

Harrington Movers Comparison Image


Key Takeaways:

  • Stop using stock photos. They look fake and reduce trust on your website.
  • Use images that best represent your product/service.
  • Don’t hesitate to use images of your employees. So many websites underplay the power of human touch. People like doing business with people, not websites.
  • Have a good reason to use an image. ‘It looks good’ doesn’t count.

Original Source: VMO

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