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After Google made the announcement that HTTPS is a ranking signal, there has been a lot of discussion about the actual value.

There are very real benefits to obtaining that sought-after green padlock, but there is also apprehension.

The apprehension is understandable; as with any big change to a website, mistakes have the potential to be extremely costly – both to the user experience and to search visibility.

This IS NOT not reason enough to avoid the change. There has been an almighty push towards creating a more secure web. There is a pressure for website owners to take responsibility for the security of their sites; those who do will be duly rewarded according to Google.


What actually is HTTPS?

In short, HTTPS is essential for ensuring a safe and secure experience for users of a website. This is of paramount importance in an age where internet security is coming under increasing threats from all angles.

Having said that, HTTPS does not make your site an impenetrable fortress. Even with the best security in the world, a site can still come under attack. That’s just an unfortunate reality of our digital age – look at the recent ransomware attacks across the globe. Nevertheless, HTTPS sure does help.

Benefits of HTTPS

First and foremost from an SEO perspective, Google considers site security to be a ranking signal and will favour websites with HTTPS. Much like the shift towards mobile-friendly websites, which started gaining momentum and then suddenly made a huge impact. It is only a matter of time before secure sites become more of a priority.

There are unmeasurable benefits, too, in the realm of user experience; visitors will be more trusting of your website and confident in its security.

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