Why use templates?

Most people get worried or scared when we tell them that we start with generic templates and build off that. Let me clarify the process....

Pulse Media Solutions will usually start our design process with a basic template. This allows us to skip the part of starting from scratch to create the backbone that is consistent with all websites. This allows us to save time and money for our clients. We have access to hundreds of different templates that establish a baseline that we can then customize for our clients. You can see some of our web design examples here.

We do not take templates and slap a logo on it calling it customized. We will not take the easy route with our clients and give them a design that someone already has. We create designs that help our clients stand out from the rest of the world.

Responsive Web Designs

We also only create responsive designs. This means the site will fluctuate based on the device that the user is viewing it on, thus enhancing their experience. It's very difficult to use a website the same on a laptop as it is cell phone.


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