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Google warns webmaster about un-secure forms

Have forms, login fields and other input sections on your HTTP website? Chrome is going to mark them as not secure.

Recently, Google sent email notifications via Google Search Console to site owners that have forms on web pages over HTTP. These pages will be marked as not secure in Chrome starting in October 2017.

Google said, “Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the ‘Not secure’ warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.”

For now, this is only affecting Chrome - however since Google has previous set the standard for pretty much everything on the web, expect this to become the norm across all browsers over the next years.

Chrome Not Secure Forms

This is another of example of Google pushing the industry standard to provide better security. Even with basic forms that collect information, they are stressing enhanced security. SSL used to be only for commerce websites, but Google is pushing SSL to become a standard for all websites that collect any information, personal, financial or otherwise deemed private.

This supports our previous article about our move towards securing all of our client websites over the next couple years.

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