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This is a question that is best answered by "proof in the pudding". Search Engine Watch published an article in 2016 estimated that Google search engine is used 1.6 BILLION times a month. Coming in a not even close second is Bing with an estimated 400 million uses per month. Amazing to us was that people still use AOL search, in fact an estimated 125 million times a month. ( Source: Top 10 most popular search engines )

Google is still king for search engine optimization.

So as you can see, Google is by far the most used search engine in the world. They set the standards and lead the advancement in the search engine world. The practice of being compliant and optimizing for Google preference is still the best approach for achieving the highest return on investment for your search engine optimization.

Pulse Media Solutions does not provide SEO for a specific search engine, instead we comply with the standards established by Google because other search engines will follow suite. Each search engine has their own proprietary algorithms for how they review, process and interpret data, but in general Google is the standard.

The short version of this is that Google is still king and unless there is a major overtaking, they will continue to remain in that status for many years to come.

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