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There are two types of Search Engine Optimization - Organic and Paid. Organic means that it's more natural, thus the name Organic, while Paid means that you ... well ... DIRECTLY pay for it.

Organic SEO services are still usually paid for, however your paying for the optimization of your content and not for the marketing of your content. An example of Paid SEO is Pay Per Click marketing through Google. Pulse Media Solutions does NOT participate with Paid SEO, we only offer organic search engine optimization.

Our organic SEO services include safe and long lasting optimization tactics that help ensure a positive interaction with your website visitors. There is not automation, link baiting, false advertising, spam and certainly no hidden information. Organic SEO is true, pure, 100% hard work embedded in to a website to obtain the best results in the search engines.

If you want long lasting results - go with Organic Search Engine Optimization and put on your patience hat!

What is Organic SEO

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