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You have a website, right?

Phew – now that we can move on from that, let’s look at whether your website serves your needs.

Your website is the portal from the outside world to your business. If you have a brick and mortar business, you know how important it is to have a visually appealing, clean and functional storefront. This same idea needs to be applied to your website.

  • Do you attract customers by having a barely readable sign? Nope.
  • Do you bring in business by marketing to your target audience? Yes.
  • Does your business succeed by being unorganized and dysfunctional? Usually not.

Let’s look a little closer at each of these points...

Do you attract customers by having a barely readable sign?

TBarely Readable Signhe answer to that is obviously no. You can have a great business, wonderful product or highly desired service but if no one can find you … you won’t generate business. The same goes for your website. You can have an amazing website that’s fully functional and visually appealing but if no one can find you then it serves no purpose. Your return on investment, ROI, will be minimal to zero.

Your web design indeed has to be functional, visually appealing and user friendly but importantly it also has to be found by your customers.

Watch out for the DIY projects too. Do you really want to spend your valuable time as a business owner updating your website? Changing out pictures, adding new products or updating a theme for a new design? Invest your money where it makes sense and be careful of the DIY projects because the cost of those is your time. You could be spending that time growing your business instead of maintaining it.

Do you bring in business by marketing to your target audience? Yes.

Targeted MarketingWe have fixed the first issue, now we move on to the next issue. You have to market your business where it makes sense. We have to remind nearly all clients about this, and once we fully explain this it makes sense to them and they are on board with targeted marketing instead of broad based. What we mean by this is that you can’t create a television commercial that’s ran on all networks in the United States if you only service a small area. Same goes with your internet marketing – you don’t want to bring in potential customers expecting that you’ll be able to help them when you don’t offer the actual product/service in their area. Even worse – you should never be targeting or marketing towards something you don’t offer at all.

The easiest way we can relate this is you don’t want to market on selling concert tickets for Tim McGraw if all you sell are tickets for Detroit Red Wing games. You may bring in traffic to your website, if you’re lucky, but they will depart immediately when they realize you can’t help them. More importantly though, you’ll create a bad experience for that user and they won’t trust your website anymore.

The online world is different than the brick-and-mortar concept, but the customer to business relationship concepts are still the same. You can lose trust in the online world same as you lose trust in person.

Does your business succeed by being unorganized and dysfunctional? Usually not.

You have a good website, easily found and properly marketed – so you’re good to go … right?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the answer to that question is no … you’re not good to go. You also need to be organized and have processes in place to handle your properly performing website that’s bringing in customers. Your customers have a certain expectation when they visit your website – and if you don’t deliver up to their expectation, then they be a one-time only customer. You have to be able to market the products/service you offer so the customer knows you exist, you have to be able to provide that same product or service in a reasonable manner.

Ensure you have the proper resources available before you need them, proper procedures in place before you encounter the request and most importantly the right people to interact with your customers. You absolutely must build a relationship with the customer in order to keep them long term and create a return customers.

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