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The casino is a business, and in business, as you know, all means are good. Marketers, psychologists, financiers and a whole army of other experienced professionals are working to get the visitor to leave as much as possible in the gambling establishment. Everything is used, including tools that allow you to influence players jdlclub88 on a psychological level.

Remember, a gambling establishment benefits from a frivolous client who is not afraid to part with his money and, importantly, come back again. Entering a real large casino, you can immediately encounter that artificial, unique atmosphere into which you literally burst from the street.

The main purpose of all this bombast is to introduce the player into a state that remotely resembles a trance. Euphoria, a feeling of joy and a sincere belief that he is “his” in this gambling establishment. Each employee is sincerely glad to see him – all this, taken together, evokes response emotions.

But creating such an atmosphere is not easy, and below we will figure out how the casino achieves its goals.

First and foremost is time

Quite often, gamblers visiting gambling establishments noted that they had lost control of the time and left after dark, despite the fact that they had come in the morning.

The most piquant time is the beginning of the evening, and this very beginning is maintained throughout the day. Even if you spent a lot of time at the table, it is deep night outside and you are already very tired – the surrounding atmosphere will be absolutely the same as it was many hours ago. Most casinos do not even have mirrors – this is done so that people do not see their fatigue from the outside.


In general, marketers manage music masterfully and this is relevant not only for the world of gambling. The right mood and condition is created in nightclubs, shops, reception rooms. In large casinos, relaxing and calm music is always played, which helps to bring the player to the right state.

“Almost won”

An entire article is devoted to this issue in this section of our site. The best incentive to get the client to continue the game is to let him smell the sweet smell of victory, they say, a big win was just around the corner. Players remember these situations for a long time and discuss them very vividly. How many stories there were about the fact that, they say, the roulette ball fell in the next sector – do not count.

In most slot machines, situations of this kind are at the root of the program. No cheating – the machine will really give back as much as required by law. But no one forbids giving “almost”, therefore the player overestimates his own chances of winning and continues to play.

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