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To date, there is no monosyllabic opinion whether gambling addiction is a real disease that requires the appropriation of a mental disorder. However, since it concerns people in a serious way, without a proper culture, gambling addiction grows into a global problem.

The first step to recovery is to admit, in fact, the very fact of gambling addiction, after which you can refer to specialists for help. These are private psychologists or the “Community of Anonymous Players”, whose representations are scattered all over the world – it’s up to you to decide.


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“Almost won” is a very common opinion, which is based on some vague arguments. Addicts often very emotionally talk about those cases when they managed to “almost win” and get some positive achievements.

Thus, they cannot assess the real picture of defeats and victories, the perception is perverted and the person wants to continue to play further, driving himself into an even greater minus. Gambling addicts are convinced that the money that was lost by them, they did not lose forever, they will surely “win back” and return it in the future in full with interest. It is these thoughts that form addiction in a person.

Contradictory emotions are caused by the humanization of inanimate objects that take part in the game process. Take, for example, the belief that craps, a roulette ball, a slot machine, or cards have the unique property of punishing or rewarding players who neglect or honor the “casino canons.” A typical sign is “you cannot offend a deuce and I will not fold it”.

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No matter what others say, in a global sense, gambling is an openly ineffective, unreliable and unstable form of earnings. In order to simply level your chances with a casino, you need serious preparation, vast experience and a lot more. The problem is that gambling addicts perceive the world of gambling a little differently from an ordinary person.

No wonder the gambling world is full of prejudices that, in one way or another, are related to gambling. Quite often in the casino you can see people with an abundance of talismans on their clothes. You can talk a lot about which colors, smells or elements of clothing are considered happy or unlucky, which days are successful and which, on the contrary, are obviously losing. Of course, all this has no effect on the game itself, but the reality is.

A lot, according to gambling addicts, are decided by their own thoughts and individual mood. Some consider themselves to be some kind of special people, believing that they should be lucky today.

A topic for a separate article – all kinds of betting systems that do not work, however, will nevertheless help overcome the advantage of a gambling establishment.

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An overly enthusiastic person cannot be called an addict, because in fact it can be a favorite thing and a real hobby. Not every player who spends a lot of time playing is a gambler. At first glance, it can be quite difficult to recognize them, so it’s time to deal with the signs:

  1. The person is absolutely passionate about the game and does not see anything around.
  2. He gives in to emotions during the game, cannot control his own behavior.
  3. Can’t stop playing in time.
  4. Various negative consequences arise – problems at work, in the family, etc.
  5. Various financial problems.

The financial issue should be approached with special care – often the attitude of players to personal funds is very non-trivial. Like ordinary people, gamblers are aware that money gives power, security, freedom and comfort – the more money, the more you can get, respectively.

But bad luck – the realization that the game can ultimately lead to bankruptcy and take away everything that is already there does not come immediately, but, as a rule, when almost all the money has gone to the casino. Also, gambling addicts blindly honor Fortune and often do not understand that a certain percentage of the advantage is laid in every game of a gambling establishment.

In the later stages of gambling addiction, the situation takes on catastrophic turns – money becomes a common means of continuing the game, the game becomes an end in itself (winnings or losses no longer matter) and even having hit the jackpot, gambling addicts swiftly release it to the casino.


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Today the problem of gambling addiction is very much discussed in society – they talk about it so often that there is an erroneous opinion – they say that every visitor to a gambling establishment is inherently a gambling addict.

Indeed, people experiencing gambling addiction are far from always able to soberly assess the situation and understand their problem without outside help.

So, the most striking manifestation of gambling addiction is, first of all, the frankly inappropriate behavior of the player and even the most negative consequences cannot keep him from the need to continue the game. Not always game addicts are asocial personalities who abuse alcohol or drugs.

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