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An overly enthusiastic person cannot be called an addict, because in fact it can be a favorite thing and a real hobby. Not every player who spends a lot of time playing is a gambler. At first glance, it can be quite difficult to recognize them, so it’s time to deal with the signs:

  1. The person is absolutely passionate about the game and does not see anything around.
  2. He gives in to emotions during the game, cannot control his own behavior.
  3. Can’t stop playing in time.
  4. Various negative consequences arise – problems at work, in the family, etc.
  5. Various financial problems.

The financial issue should be approached with special care – often the attitude of players to personal funds is very non-trivial. Like ordinary people, gamblers are aware that money gives power, security, freedom and comfort – the more money, the more you can get, respectively.

But bad luck – the realization that the game can ultimately lead to bankruptcy and take away everything that is already there does not come immediately, but, as a rule, when almost all the money has gone to the casino. Also, gambling addicts blindly honor Fortune and often do not understand that a certain percentage of the advantage is laid in every game of a gambling establishment.

In the later stages of gambling addiction, the situation takes on catastrophic turns – money becomes a common means of continuing the game, the game becomes an end in itself (winnings or losses no longer matter) and even having hit the jackpot, gambling addicts swiftly release it to the casino.


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