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“Almost won” is a very common opinion, which is based on some vague arguments. Addicts often very emotionally talk about those cases when they managed to “almost win” and get some positive achievements.

Thus, they cannot assess the real picture of defeats and victories, the perception is perverted and the person wants to continue to play further, driving himself into an even greater minus. Gambling addicts are convinced that the money that was lost by them, they did not lose forever, they will surely “win back” and return it in the future in full with interest. It is these thoughts that form addiction in a person.

Contradictory emotions are caused by the humanization of inanimate objects that take part in the game process. Take, for example, the belief that craps, a roulette ball, a slot machine, or cards have the unique property of punishing or rewarding players who neglect or honor the “casino canons.” A typical sign is “you cannot offend a deuce and I will not fold it”.

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